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The Faith Based Solution for the Drug Epidemic

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How much does Teen Challenge cost?

Entrance fee is $650.00. This fee covers required bloodwork for the inductee and a bus ticket if the student decides to leave the program early, or is dismissed.(Family or friends are not permitted to pick up exiting students)

If the entering student is receiving a monthly income from Social Security, Unemployment, Retirement, etc., he is required to donate 35% of that amount to the program each month.

We request that the indivdual's family, friends and home church contribute to the program on a monthly basis. We estimate that to run the program, it costs $1,500.00 a month per student. We must raise every penny of that amount. Teen Challenge does not receive any state or federal funding.

How long does it take to enter the program once the application has been submitted?

If there is no waiting list, it takes an average of 2 weeks to enter the program. We encourage the individual to complete and submit an application as soon as possible even if they have court matters pending.

My entry date has been set, now what do I do?

While you are awaiting entrance into the program, we suggest that you become involved in a local church, if you do not already have one. We also suggest you find one or two people whom you can talk to and will help hold you accountable.
Do students need money while in the program?

Teen Challenge provides for the student's basic needs, however, there is a weekly comissary. This is where students can purchase toiletries and snacks. Students are not allowed to have money on them while in the Induction phase of the program. An account can be established for a student when his family makes donations to Teen Challenge. Twenty percent (20%) of your donations will be credited toward his personal account. All checks and money orders are to be made out to Teen Challenge.

What is the policy on phone calls?

After the student has been in the program 30 days, he is allowed 1 phone call per week. If the student is married or has children, he is allowed 2 phone calls per week; one to his wife and one to his children.

Students must make either collect phone calls or have a calling card. Phone calls are made in the evenings or on weekends.

There are two phones that students are allowed to receive/make phone calls from. One is a pay phone, the other is a business phone. Using the pay phone allows the individual a 10 minute phone call. The business phone allows him a 5 minute phone call.

What is the visitation policy?

While in the Induction phase of the program, the student is allowed two visits with immediate family only. The first visit is scheduled after the student has been in the program 60 days. Visits are on Saturdays from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. All visits must be approved by the student's minister and scheduled 2 weeks in advance. While they are in the second phase of the program, students will have monthly visits.

Who can students correspond with?

Students are allowed to correspond with family, friends and their girlfriend. All mail is opened and screened with a staff member. Any correspondence that has inappropriate language or discussion of drugs and alcohol, will be returned.

Students must provide their own postage, envelopes and stationary. Please keep your correspondence encouraging.

Can students receive care packages?

Students are allowed to receive packages from home, however, these packages are intended to facilitate the student's necessities. Packages may contain clothing, toiletries and personal items, such as photos. Students are not allowed to receive food or candy in their packages. Any items of this nature will be shared with the entire program.
Packages must be sent by UPS or FedEx. DO NOT send packages through the US Post Office.

Can students take medicine?

Potential students must have all medications approved by the Induction Coordinator prior to entering. No medication of a narcotic or addictive nature is permitted. No sleep aids are permitted. Those students allowed to bring in medications must have their current physician prescribe the medication throughout the entire length of the program. Teen Challenge does not provide medications. Individuals must have the means to pay for their medications or have them sent by family. All medications must be in a bottle with a pharmacy label and proper instructions.

Can students visit a doctor while in the program?

Students are allowed to go to the doctor for emergencies only. Any pre-existing medical problems must be addressed prior to admittance. You must also provide records of any condition which will limit your abilities to perform at full capacities. Dental needs also fall under this policy. Teen Challenge is not responsible for any medical bills a student incurs while in the program.

Why do students transfer to another facility?

Teen Challenge is divided into two phases - Induction and Training. Teen Challenge of Arkansas is the Induction phase, which is four months long. Mid-America Teen Challenge in Cape Girardeau, MO is the Training phase, which is ten months long.

How can I assist an adult male with getting into Teen Challenge?

The first step would be to receive an induction packet, have the perspective student read through the material and complete the application. You can call and request that a packet be mailed, or you can download the packet from this website. Once the individual has read the information and expresses an interest in entering the program, have him complete the application and return it to us as soon as possible. WE will then contact him for a screen interview. This helps us get some information about the individual, as well as giving us the opportunity to answer any question he may have.

Does a person have to be court ordered into the program?

No, a person can come in on their own accord, without a referral or court order.

Can a person parole out to Teen Challenge of Arkansas?

At this time we are not allowing individuals to parole out to our facility. We suggest that they have another address to parole out to and then enter our program at a later date. If a person is on parole or probation, that individual's parole/probation officer must give their permission in writing to the Induction Director before the student may enter the program. In addition, they must have the means to pay any required probation/parole fees.

Can a student leave the program at any time?

Teen Challenge is a voluntary placement program, even when the individual is court ordered. We will always strongly encourage the individual to stay in the program. However, if he insists on leaving, we will facilitate his exit from the program. If the individual is court ordered, we will notify the court of his leaving Teen Challenge.

How can I facilitate my loved one's success in the Teen Challenge program?
One of the best ways to assist in someone's success at Teen Challenge is for everyone involved to understand the nature, objectives, rules and guidelines of the program. The individual needs to be aware of the long term commitment that he will be making, and be willing to change his lifestyle. You can provide the information to him, encourage him while he is here, but whether or not he is successful in the program depends solely up to him.
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