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Information For Families


You can begin to write your loved one from the day he enters the program. Staff will screen all incoming and outgoing mail. Students must provide their own postage, envelopes and stationary. Please keep your correspondence encouraging. We look forward to working with you to see continued progress and growth. Students are not permitted to send or receive email.

Mailing Address for Student Letters:
Students Name  -  Teen Challenge of Arkansas  -  PO Box 8177  -  Hot Springs Village, AR  -  71910

Care Packages:

Students are allowed to receive packages from home. These packages are intended to facilitate student necessities. Packages may contain clothing, toiletries and personal items such as photos. Students are not allowed to receive food or candy in their packages. Any items sent of this nature will be shared with the entire program.
Packages must be sent through UPS or FedEx. DO NOT send packages through the US Post Office.

Mailing Address for Student Packages:
Student's Name  -  Teen Challenge of Arkansas  -  155 Walnut Valley Road  -  Hot Springs, AR  -   71909


The student is permitted 2 visits from immediate family only while he is in the Induction Phase of the program. The student must be in the program a minimum of 60 days before the first visit may occur. We suggest that the second visit be scheduled shortly before he is supposed to leave for the training phase. All visits must be approved 2 weeks in advance by the student's minister.

Visits are on Saturdays from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. Students in good standing will be allowed to leave the campus with their family during this time. Upon return to the campus, students and their belongings may be searched. Families are allowed to attend church with the student on Sunday, however, the student must ride with Teen Challenge. No home passes are permitted during the Induction Phase. Visitors must refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco while the student is with them. We also request that students not be allowed to use the phone while on pass.

Family Days:

There are several Family Days that do not count as a visit. These visits are on-campus only and involve Teen Challenge group activities. The students are required to participate in the group activities, so visiting time may be limited. These days include: Thankgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Faith Promise Banquets (usually in the spring of each year). You will be contactacted prior to the events.

Student Account:

Students are not allowed to have money on their while in the program. An account can be established for a student when his family makes donations to Teen Challenge. Twenty percent (20%) of your donations will be credited to his student account. These funds are administered by staff and can be used for necessities that arise. All checks and money orders are to be made out to Teen Challenge. Should the student leave Teen Challenge for any reason prior to completion, this account will be forfeited to the General Fund.
Medical Account:

This account is for funds needed for prescription medications or medical needs. When money is sent for this account 80% will be put in the account and 20% will go towards a donation to Teen Challenge to cover the cost of transportation. Example: You send in $50.00 for the medical account, $40.00 will go into this acount and $10.00 will go into the general fund. The medical account is a refundable account, which means that if a student leaves the program, this money will be refunded to the person who provided the medical account funds. After the student has been gone from the program for 30 days, these funds may be requested. We advise that this account be kept low unless there is a known medical problem
Facility Contact Person:

Your loved one will be assigned a staff member to oversee his progress while in the program. At the time of admission your loved one will be given his minister's name. This staff member will be your contact person to check on your loved one, receive progress reports and schedule visits. Upon admission, students are required to sign release of information forms, granting us to speak with individuals. We are only able to share information with individuals listed by the student.
Time Line of Program:

Initial Phone Call
Student Application reviewed.
Phone screen with prospective student.
Application reviewed within three days of receipt.
Admission date scheduled and confirmed by phone or letter.
Admission into program.
Completion of Induction Phase. Completed on average in four to five months.
Completion of Training Phase. Completed in ten months.


May 2, 2004 - Initial Call Made by Joe's Mother
May 3, 2004 - Packet Mailed from Teen Challenge
May 7, 2004 - Phone Interview by Intake Director with Joe
May 9, 2004 - Application Reviewed: Joe's Admission Date is Set
June 1, 2004 - Joe Enters Teen Challenge of Arkansas
October 28, 2004 - Joe Completes Teen Challenge of Arkansas
September 1, 2004 - Joe Completes Training Phase in Cape Girardeau, Missour
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